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Hornbrook, E.H.W.


Saskatchewan NGR lake sediment survey, 1974

Project Description

An NGR lake sediment reconnaissance survey was carried out over NTS 63M and 64D and parts of 63K, L, N 73I, O, P and 74A in east-central Saskatchewan in 1974.  The survey was undertaken to obtain information on the distribution and concentration of trace metals in the lake sediments.  The aim was to delineate broad belts of increased metal content, possibly correlative with features of economic interest, worthy of further field investigation.  The majority of the data were released initially as GSC Open File 266.  The data were re-released, with the addition of data for mercury and uranium, in GSC Open File 488.

Survey History

1NGR lake sediment survey, NTS 063M, 064D, parts of 063K, 063L, 063N, 073L, 073O, 073P and 074A. Saskatchewan, 1974 (more)

Project Funding

Canada - Saskatchewan Agreement on Mineral Exploration and Development in Northern Saskatchewan

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