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McClenaghan, M.B.


Kimberlite boulder study, Kirkland Lake and Lake Timiskaming areas, Ontario and Quebec, 1993-2002

Project Description

During the course of regional and detailed till sampling, kimberlite boulders were collected between 1993 and 2002 from eskers in the Kirkland Lake and Lake Timiskaming kimberlite fields.  Some sand samples were also collected.  Determining the source of these boulders is significant to kimberlite exploration because boulders with indicator mineral compositions that are different from known kimberlites indicate the presence of as yet undiscovered kimberlite(s) in the region.  The data are published in Geological Survey of Canada Open Files 4361 and 5050.

Survey History

1Kimberlite boulder sampling, NTS 32D/4, 31M/5, 6, 11, northeastern Ontario and northwestern Quebec, 1993-2002 (more)

Project Funding

Targeted Geoscience Initiative 2000-2002

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