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McMartin, I.


NATMAP Shield Margin Project, 1991-1995

Project Description

Surficial geological mapping and regional surficial sediment sampling (till and soil) were carried out in 1991-1995 in north-central Manitoba and Saskatchewan as part of the NATMAP Shield Margin Project, a co-operative multidisciplinary federal/provincial program initiated by the Geological Survey of Canada.  The data were published in GSC Open Files 2844 and 3277.  Additional information can be found in I. McMartin’s PhD thesis (Carleton Univ).  The impact of the Flin Flon base metal smelter on area soils is detailed in CJES v.36.

Survey History

1Regional till and soil sampling survey, NTS 63J, K, L, M, N, O, north-central Manitoba and Saskatchewan, 1991-1995. (more)

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NATMAP Shield Margin

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