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Leduc, M.


Agreement Canada-Quebec, Chaudières-Appalaches region, 1985-1986.

Project Description

This project is funded by the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources of Canada and the Department of Energy and Resources of Quebec, under the sub-agreement Canada-Quebec on mineral development.


Site Medium Year of Collection Publication
St-Camille-de-Bellechasse et St-Pamphile stream sediment 1985-1986 DP 88-16


Survey History

1Soil sampling survey, NTS 31I/15, 16 and 31P/1, 2, Group Montauban (northern part) area, Mauricie region, Quebec, 1988. (more)
2Stream sediment sampling survey, St-Camille-de-Bellechasse and St-Pamphile area, Quebec, 1985-1986. (more)

Project Funding

currently Ministère des Ressources naturelles et faune (MRNF) (Department of Natural Resources and Wildlife)

previously Ministère de l’Énergie et de Ressources Québec (MERQ) (Department of Energy and Resources)

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