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Lalonde, J.-P.; Lasalle, P.


Project Cadillac, geochemical compilation of the north-west of Quebec, Abitibi-Temiscaming, Quebec, 1964-1987.

Project Description

Areas of geochemical interest can be defined as a given area with multiple sites having elevated values.  One of the goals of this project is to determine if geochemical signatures observed in groundwater and tills can also be found in the overlying soil.  In addition, another goal is to verify if geochemical dispersions in soils can truly be differentiated in regional soil surveys.

This approach allows determining whether the geochemical dispersions were formed despite the thick overburden found in northwestern Québec.  It also allows a judgement to be made on whether to develop a new reconnaissance method to inventory the vast land of northwestern Québec which is covered with glaciolacustrine sediments and to speculate on the mechanisms of geochemical migration in the glaciolacustrine clays.


Medium Publication Medium Publication
soil MB-86-65 stream sediment DP-83-15
soil MB-86-17 stream sediment DP-378
soil MB-85-86 stream sediment DP-83-01
till (clay)



stream sediment RP-554
stream sediment DPV-840 stream sediment RG-145
ground water+soil DV-83-02 stream sediment DP-398
till DP-348 (DP-308) groundwater and soil DV 83-02
ground water DPV-725 stream sediment DPV-765
soil MB-85-35 stream sediment RG-185
stream sediment DPV-501 stream sediment RP-592
soil MB-85-56 stream sediment DP-241
soil DP-930 stream sediment DP-219
soil MB-85-57 stream sediment DP-326
soil DP-896 stream sediment RP-602
soil DP-83-10 stream sediment DP-384
soil MB-85-58 stream sediment



stream sediment DP-83-20 stream sediment DPV-779
stream sediment S-138 stream sediment DP-672
stream sediment DP-37 stream sediment DP-838
stream sediment RG-194 soil (humus) MB-86-68
soil MB-86-65 soil DP-84-06
stream sediment MB-85-28 stream sediment DP-86-20
soil DP-930 stream sediment RG-138
soil MB-85-56 soil MB-86-17
stream sediment DPB-840 soil DP-896
stream sediment RP-561 soil MB-85-57
stream sediment DP-218 soil MB-84-23
stream sediment DP-220 stream sediment DP-377
stream sediment DP-301 soil MB-85-86
stream sediment S-138 stream sediment DP-83-20
groundwater and soil DV-83-02 glaciofluvial sediment DPV-492
glaciofluvial sediment MB-86-42 till DP-832


Survey History

1Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 31M/3, Fabre area, Temiscamingue, Quebec, 1980. (more)
2Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 31L, 31M, Lac Kipawa area, Témiscamingue, Quebec, 1967. (more)
3Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 31L and 31M, Lac Kipawa region, Témiscamingue, Quebec, 1970. (more)
4Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 31M/7, 8, Belleterre area, Témiscamingue, Quebec, 1974. (more)
5Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 31M/7, Blondeau region, Témiscamingue, Quebec, 1964, 1966-1967. (more)
6Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 31M/6, 11, Baby township, Témiscamingue, Quebec, 1968-1971. (more)
7Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 31M/7, eastern half of Gaboury township, Témiscamingue, Quebec, 1964. (more)
8Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 32E/3 west, South half of Perron Township, Abitibi-West county, Quebec, 1966. (more)
9Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 31M/6, Southwest part of Baby township area, Témiscamingue county, Quebec, 1968. (more)
10Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 32D/3, Montbeillard township, Quebec, 1969. (more)
11Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 32D/7, north part of Clericy township, Abitibi county, Quebec, 1967-1969. (more)
12Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 32D/14 and 32E/3, Clermont township area, Abitibi-West county, Quebec, 1963-1964. (more)
13Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 31N/14 and 32C/3, Vauquelin and N.W. quarter of Denain townships, Quebec, 1969-1971. (more)
14Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 32E/8. 9, Joutel-Poirier area, Abitibi-East county, Quebec, 1964. (more)
15Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 32J/12, 13, Senneterre area, Abitibi, Quebec, 1964. (more)
16Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 32D/7, 8, S-E La Pause area, Abitibi, Quebec, 1972. (more)
17Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 32D/3, SE of Montbeillard county, Abitibi, Quebec, 1974. (more)
18Groundwater sampling survey, NTS 32C/3-6, 11, 12, 14, 32D/1, 2, 3, 6-11, 14, 15, 16 and 32E/3, Abitibi area, Quebec, 1974-1975. (more)
19Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 31M/14 and 32D/3, S-O quart of Montbeillard township, Rouyn-Noranda county, Quebec, 1970. (more)
20Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 31N/14, Villebon township, Abitibi-East county, Quebec, 1969-1970. (more)
21Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 31N/14, north part of Fréville township, Gatineau county, Quebec, 1971. (more)
22Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 31N/1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 31O/4, 5, 6, 12, Réservoir Cabonga area, Quebec, 1970. (more)
23Esker sampling, NTS 31M/5-16, 31N/5-7, 10-15, 32D, 32C/2-7, 10-15, 32E/1-12, 32F/2-7, 10-15, Abitibi region, Quebec, 1972-1973. (more)
24Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 32D/7, La Pause (SW) township, Rouyn-Noranda county, Quebec, 1971. (more)
25Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 32D/3, NE quarter of Dufay township, Rouyn-Noranda county, Quebec, 1971. (more)
26Soil sampling survey, NTS 32C/3-6, 11-14, 32D, 32E/1-8, 32F/3-6, 31M/3-6 and 11-13, Abitibi-Témiscaming region, Quebec, 1977. (more)
27Basal till and lake clay sampling survey, Abitibi-Témiscaming region, Quebec, 1971-1973. (more)
28Basal till sampling survey, NTS 32C/3-6, 11-14 and 32D, Abitibi-Temiscaming area, Quebec, 1971-1972. (more)
29Glaciofluvial sediment sampling survey, NTS 31M, N and 32C, D, E, F, Abitibi area, Quebec, 1978-1980. (more)

Project Funding

currently Ministère des Ressources naturelles et faune (MRNF) (Department of Natural Resources and Wildlife)

previously Ministère de l’Énergie et de Ressources Québec (MERQ) (Department of Energy and Resources)

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