Project Metadata

Schryver, K; Lee, S.; Kirouac, F.


Stream sediment, groundwater and soil sampling survey, Mauricie area, Quebec, 1964-1978.

Project Description

Geochemical surveys carried out in the administrative area #04: Mauricie.


Medium Year of Collection Publication
stream sediment 1964 RP-531
stream sediment 1970 DP-213
stream sediment 1967 DP-402
groundwater 1977-1978 MB 87-12



Survey History

1Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 31I/12 east, Houde-Masson area, Berthier and Maskinongé counties, Quebec, 1964. (more)
2Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 31O/16, Casey region, Laviolette county, Quebec, 1970. (more)
3Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 31P/2-7, 10-15 and 31I/10-15, Vermillon River region, Mauricie area, Quebec, 1967. (more)
4Groundwater sampling survey, NTS 31I/9, 10, 15, 16, Montauban area, Mauricie region, Quebec, 1977-1978. (more)

Project Funding

currently Ministère des Ressources naturelles et faune (MRNF) (Department of Natural Resources and Wildlife)

previously Ministère de l’Énergie et de Ressources Québec (MERQ) (Department of Energy and Resources)

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