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Choinière, J.; Kelly, R.; Tremblay, R.L.; Lachance, S.; de Römer, H.S.; Robert, J.-L.; Girard, P.; Skidmore, W.B.; Girard, A.; Kirouac, F.


Stream sediment, soil, heavy mineral sampling surveys, Gaspé peninsula, Quebec, 1964-1983.

Project Description

The goal of this study is to establish the mineral potential of the Gaspé Peninsula. The Department of Natural Resources of Quebec carried out many geochemical surveys:


Sample Medium Year of Collection Publication
stream sediment 1968 DPV-854 (DV 84-04)
stream sediment 1978-79 DPV-854 (DV 84-04)
stream sediment 1977 DPV-674 (DV 84-04,DV 87-18 )
stream sediment 1972 ES-19 (DV 84-04)
stream sediment 1971-1973 GR-187
stream sediment 1971 DP-414
stream sediment 1973 DP-416
stream sediment 1966-1970 GR-174
stream sediment 1966-1967 PR-577 (DV 84-04)
stream sediment 1968 PR-594 (DV 84-04)
stream sediment 1965 PR-562 (DV 84-04)
stream sediment 1965 PR-563 (DV 84-04)
stream sediment 1972 DP-82-17
stream sediment 1964 DP-413 (DV 84-04)
stream sediment 1972-1975 DPV-563 (DV 84-04,DV 87-18)
stream sediment 1964 RP-549 (DV 84-04)
stream sediment 1967 DP-55 (DV 84-04, DV 87-18)
heavy mineral 1983 DP 84-35
soil 1980 MB 86-74


In 1984, a compilation was published that included many surveys conducted in the Gaspé Peninsula (DV 84-04).

In 1985, a compilation was published in MM 84-01.  The analytical methods were :


Year of Analysis Cu,Zn,Pb,Ni,Co Mn U Mo
1964 XX not XX XX
1965   analysed    
1966 colorimetry no    
1967   XX   colorimetry
1969 XX      
1970     colorimetry  
1971 atomic      
1972 absorption     XX
1973   atomic    
1974 XX absorption    
1976       atomic
1977       absorption
1978 atomic   XX  
1979 absorption      
1980 with correction   fluorimetry  
1982 XX XX XX XX



Survey History

1Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 22G/1, Mines Madeleine area, Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, 1971. (more)
2Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 22A/3-8, Baie des Chaleurs area, Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, 1968, 1978-1979. (more)
3Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 22G/1, 22H/3, 4, Mont-Louis area, Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, 1977. (more)
4Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 22G/1, 22B/16, Mont Albert area, Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, 1972. (more)
5Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 22G/1, 22B/16 and 22H/4, Boisbuisson area, Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, 1971-1973. (more)
6Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 22H/4, Lac à Claude area, Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, 1973. (more)
7Stream sediment sampling survey, Monts McGerrigle area, Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, 1966-1970. (more)
8Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 22A/13, Lac Madeleine area, Gaspé-north county, Quebec, 1966-1967. (more)
9Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 22A/13, River Madeleine north area, Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, 1968. (more)
10Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 22A/13, Lesseps Creek area, Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, 1965. (more)
11Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 22B/16, Mont Richardson area, Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, 1965. (more)
12Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 22B/16, Dôme de Lemieux area, Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, 1972. (more)
13Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 22A/7, 10, Chandler area, Gaspé-south, Quebec, 1964. (more)
14Stream sediment sampling survey, northwestern part of the Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, 1972-1975. (more)
15Stream sediment sampling survey, part of NTS 22B/16, Mount Vallières-de-Saint-Réal area, Gaspé-north county, Quebec, 1964. (more)
16Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 22H/1, 2, 22A/9-12, 13 15, 16, 22B/8, Murdochville-Gaspé rea, Quebec, 1977-1982. (more)
17Heavy mineral sampling survey, NTS 22B/2, 3, Assemetquagan and Kempt North rivers area, Gaspé region, Quebec, 1983. (more)
18Soil sampling survey, NTS 22A/6, River Reboul area, Gaspé region, Quebec, 1980. (more)
19Stream sediment sampling survey, NTS 22A/4, 22B/1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 21O/13, 14, 15, western Chaleur Bay area, Quebec, 1967. (more)

Project Funding

currently Ministère des Ressources naturelles et faune (MRNF) (Department of Natural Resources and Wildlife)

previously Ministère de l’Énergie et de Ressources Québec (MERQ) (Department of Energy and Resources)

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