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Parkhill, M.A.


Restigouche Project, northwestern New Brunswick, 1998

Project Description

The Restigouche Project involved a multi-parameter airborne geophysical survey and a National Geochemical Reconnaissance (NGR) stream sediment survey which were carried out in 1997 over a large section of the Kedgwick and Tobique-Chaleur belts.  The project also involved a detailed geochemical study (basal till, humus and balsam fir twigs) around the Legacy skarn deposit in the McKenzie Gulch area.  The objectives of this project were: 1) to identify the geochemical signatures of various media around a known deposit and to apply the results to the overall area of the Restigouche Project; 2) to define glacial dispersal patterns at the Legacy deposit using till geochemical surveys, till pebble lithological analysis and ice-flow indicators; and 3) to compile existing geological and geochemical data for the project area.  The data are published in New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and Energy Mineral Resource Report 98-4.

Survey History

1Multimedia geochemical survey, NTS 21O/10, 11, 15, northwestern New Brunswick, 1998. (more)

Project Funding

New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and Energy, Geological Surveys Branch.

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