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Seaman, A.A.; Balzer, S.A.; Stumpf, A.J.


Quaternary geology and till geochemistry project, southwest and west central New Brunswick, 1995-2004

Project Description

The Quaternary geology and till geochemistry in the vicinity of the southern Pokiok Batholith were investigated in 1990-1996.  The data are published in the following New Brunswick Department of Resources and Energy (NB DNRE) reports:


Area Publication

Open File Report 92-5

Map Plates 96-2A, 96-2B, 96-2C

Forest City Open File Reports 92-6, 93-8
Fosterville Open File Reports 93-7*, 94-8
McAdam Open File Report 95-5; Open File 2002-8 (digital release)
Forest City + Fosterville (compilation) Open File Report 99-7
* Open File Report 93-7 also includes 14 samples collected in 1990 and previously released in NB DNRE Open File Report 92-6.


Till samples were collected in the Millville map area in 1995-1999 and in the Woodstock map area in 1999.  Four samples collected from the southwestern edge of the Millville map area were reanalysed with the Woodstock samples to confirm analytical consistency between years.  The data are published in NB DNRE Open Files 99-11 (Millville) and 2000-3 (Woodstock).

Till sampling was carried out in 1998, 2000 and 2001 in the Coldstream map area.  The data are published in NB DNRE Open Files 2001-2 and 2002-5.  OF 2002-5 includes some data from the eastern third of the west half of the study area, previously published in NB DNRE Open File 2001-2.  In 2002, samples were taken in the west half of the Coldstream map area at sites not previously sampled and near the recently identified Deersdale mineral occurrence.  Sites around previously identified till geochemical anomalies were also sampled.  Sites were sampled in the southwestern part of the Napadogan map area in the expected mineral occurrence dispersal area.  The data are published in NB DNRE Open File 2003-11.

Till sampling was carried out in the Hayesville area in 2004.  Due to the gold potential of the area, till samples were also analyzed by an Ultratrace ICP-MS technique.  The data are published in NB DNRE Open File 2005-10.

In 2006, till sampling was carried out in NTS 21J/SE in central New Brunswick immediately to the north of Fredericton.  The work identified a multi-element anomaly named the Fredericksburg-Limekiln anomaly.  The data are published in NB DNR Open File 2007-8.  Follow-up work was carried out in 2007 to determine the magnitde and extent of the anomaly.  The data are published in NB DNR Open File 2008-6.

Survey History

1Till sampling survey, NTS 21G/12 (Forest City), 13 (Fosterville), southwest New Brunswick, 1990-1995. (more)
2Till sampling survey, Canterbury area, NTS 21G/14 southwest New Brunswick, 1990-1991. (more)
3Till sampling survey, NTS 21J/10 (Hayesville), central New Brunswick, 2004. (more)
4Till sampling survey, McAdam area, NTS 21G/11, southwest New Brunswick, 1991-1994. (more)
5Till sampling survey, Canterbury, NTS 21G/14, southwest New Brunswick, 1995. (more)
6Till sampling, NTS 21J/3, (Millville), southwest New Brunswick, 1995-1998. (more)
7Till sampling survey, NTS 21J/4 (Woodstock), southwest New Brunswick, 1999. (more)
8Till sampling, NTS 21J/6 (Coldstream), 21J/7 (Napadogan), west central New Brunswick, 1998, 2000-2002. (more)
9Till sampling survey, NTS 21J/1, 2, 7, 8, central New Brunswick, 2006. (more)
10Till sampling survey, NTS 21J/2, 7, west-central New Brunswick, 2007. (more)
11Overburden drilling and till geochemistry survey, 3 areas in northern and western New Brunswick, 1986-1987. (more)
12Till sampling survey, southern Miramichi Zone, NTS 21J, G, New Brunswick, 1985. (more)

Project Funding

New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources, Geological Surveys Branch

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