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Plouffe, A.; Levson, V.M.; Stumpf, A.J.


Nechako NATMAP, central British Columbia, 1995-2000

Project Description

The Nechako NATMAP Project was initiated in 1995 by the British Columbia Geological Survey Branch and the Geological Survey of Canada, together with researchers in universities and industry.  Both agencies coordinated the project and funded component activities.  The project was financially augmented by the Geological Survey of Canada's National Mapping Program (NATMAP).  The project area covered NTS 93F, 93K and parts of 93G, 93L, 93M and 93N in central British Columbia.  Studies of the Babine porphyry copper belt were carried out in this project, including detailed work on porphyry-related copper properties.

The Nechako NATMAP Project addressed the problem of a limited geological database for the central Canadian Cordillera, a situation which hampered mineral exploration.  Some activities carried out in the project include bedrock and surficial geology mapping, geophysical surveys, mineral deposit studies as well as drift prospecting and lake geochemistry.

Area NTS Collection Year Publication
Nechako River 93F 1996 - 1997 GSC OF 3687
Tetachuck Lake, Marilla 93F/5, 12 1997 - 1998 BCGS OF 2002-11
Nechako River 93F multiple GSC OF 4166*
Nechako River, Manson River, Fort Fraser 93F, K, N multiple GSC OF 2270**
Babine porphyry belt, detailed studies 93M/1, 93L/16 1995 BC MEMPR Paper 1996-1
Babine porphyry belt, detailed studies 93M/1,2,7,8 93L/16 1996 BC MEI Paper 1997-1
Babine porphyry copper belt 93L/9, 16; 93M/1, 2, 7, 8 1995 and 1996 BCGS Bulletin 110 (includes samples from the area that were collected in the Interior Plateau Project)

*GSC OF 4166 compiles all published and unpublished data from the Nechako River map area (93F) collected by the GSC and the BCGS, including data collected under the Interior Plateau Project.

** Samples collected by A. Plouffe (GSC) in both this project and the Interior Plateau Project were published in Geological Survey of Canada Open File 2270:


Collection Year NTS Sheet Number of Sites Survey
1990 093K 71 NTS 93K, N;1990-1991
1991 093K 109 NTS 93K, N;1990-1991
1991 093N 117 NTS 93K, N;1990-1991
1992 093K 12 NTS 93K, N;1992-1994
1992 093N 36 NTS 93K, N;1992-1994
1993 093K 148 NTS 93K, N;1992-1994
1993 093N 191 NTS 93K, N;1992-1994
1994 093K 20 NTS 93K, N;1992-1994
1994 093N 1 NTS 93K, N;1992-1994
1996 093F 186 NTS 93F, (K, N) ;1996-1999
1996 093K 1 NTS 93F, (K, N) ;1996-1999
1997 093F 150 NTS 93F, (K, N) ;1996-1999
1997 093K 2 NTS 93F, (K, N) ;1996-1999
1997 093N 13 NTS 93F, (K, N) ;1996-1999
1998 093F 88 NTS 93F, (K, N) ;1996-1999
1999 093K 6 NTS 93F, (K, N) ;1996-1999
1999 093N 8 NTS 93F, (K, N) ;1996-1999


Survey History

1Till sampling survey, NTS 93L/9, 16, 93M/1, 2, 7, 8, Babine porphyry belt, British Columbia, 1995-1996. (more)
2Till sampling survey, NTS 93F/5, 12, 93K/12, central British Columbia, 1997-1998. (more)
3Till sampling survey, NTS 93L/16, 93M/01, Babine Porphyry Belt, Nechako Plateau, central British Columbia, 1995. (more)
4Till sampling survey, Babine Porphyry Belt, NTS 93L/16, 93M/1,2,7,8, Nechako Plateau, central British Columbia, 1996. (more)
5Till sampling survey, NTS 93F, central British Columbia, 1996-1999. (more)

Project Funding

The Geological Survey of Canada and the British Columbia Geological Survey Branch, together with researchers in university and industry initiated Nechako NATMAP, a scientific mapping program in central British Columbia.

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