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McConnell, J.W.; Boyle, D.R.


Base metal and uranium anomaly follow up project, central Labrador, 1979-1980

Project Description

In 1977 and 1978, lake sediments and water were sampled for the Uranium Reconnaissance Program (URP) in eastern and central Labrador respectively.  Based on anomalous uranium values from these surveys, detailed follow-up work was carried out in 1978 (eastern Labrador) and 1979 (central Labrador).  In 1980, samples were collected at 4 previously sampled anomalous areas in central Labrador to evaluate the effectiveness of geochemical exploration methods in various environments and to further assess the base metal potential of different areas of Labrador.  Rock samples were also collected in three of the 14 anomalous areas in 1980 or 1981.


URP Survey1

URP Data2


Follow-up Year4

Follow-up Survey5


1977  lake sediment + water, eastern Labrador GSC OFs 509 to 513 10 (U) 1978 lake sediment + water; gamma ray in 2 areas LAB/0408
1978 lake sediment + water, central Labrador GSC OFs 557 to 560 14 (U and/or base metal) 1979 lake sediment + water; gamma-ray in 3 areas LAB/0224
n/a n/a 4 of 14 1980 soil; stream sediment + water; gamma-ray in 2 areas LAB/0563
n/a n/a 3 of 14 1980 or 1981 lithogeochemistry + ground radiometrics GSC* Paper 82-1C p. 19-29


1 year and type of original URP survey

2 Open Files publishing the URP data

3 number of anomalous areas and type of anomaly identified in URP survey

4 year of follow-up survey

5 type of follow-up survey

6 Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Mines and Energy

* Geological Survey of Canada


Survey History

1Stream sediment, stream water and soil sampling, NTS 23J/10, 15, 16, 13N/11, Labrador, 1980. (more)
2Lake sediment and water sampling survey, parts of NTS 13M, N, O, 14D, 23 G, J, central and western Labrador, 1979. (more)
3Lake sediment and water sampling survey, parts of NTS 13B, F, G, H, I, J, eastern Labrador, 1978. (more)
4Lithogeochemical survey, NTS 13N/1, 3, 6, 7, 13O/4 in central Labrador, 1980. (more)

Project Funding

Canada – Newfoundland Mineral Development Subsidiary Agreement (1977-1981)

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