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Batterson, M.J.


Central Labrador till sampling surveys carried out in 1986 and 1987

Project Description

As part of a project to map the Quaternary geology of the Central Mineral Belt in Labrador, till sampling surveys were carried out in 1986 (Melody Lake area) and 1987 (Moran Lake area).  The data are published in Newfoundland Department of Mines and Energy Open Files Lab/0860 (Melody Lake) and 13K/0180 (Moran Lake).

Survey History

1Till sampling survey, NTS 13K, central Labrador 1987. (more)
2Till sampling survey, NTS 13/J, K, east central Labrador, 1986. (more)

Project Funding

Canada - Newfoundland Mineral Development Agreement (1984-1989)

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