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Campbell, J.E.


Peter Lake Domain Project, Saskatchewan, 2002-2004

Project Description

In 2002, the Saskatchewan Geological Survey launched a multidisciplinary mapping project to enhance the understanding of the geological framework of the Peter Lake Domain and to further evaluate its economic potential.  In conjunction with the bedrock mapping, Quaternary investigations were also carried out.  The specific objectives of the Quaternary component are to: 1) provide a Quaternary geological framework for drift prospecting; 2) determine the signatures of precious and base metals in the till; 3) determine whether till composition reflects local bedrock and propose a glacial dispersal model; 4) provide till geochemical and surficial materials databases to serve as a baseline for mineral exploration and environmental assessment; and, 5) provide ground-truthing for the multi-parameter geophysics survey of the Peter Lake Domain.

A summary of the work can be found in Saskatchewan Geological Survey Summary of Investigations Miscellaneous Report 2003-4.2 (Patterson Island area) and Miscellaneous Report 2004-4.2 (NW Reindeer Lake area).  The data can be found in Saskatchewan Economy Final Reports, Report 261.

Selected archived samples from regional sampling carried out in the area in 1992 (see Saskatchewan Geological Survey Summary of Investigations 1992, Miscellaneous Report 92-4) were analyzed for major and trace elements plus gold.  These new data as well as the previously unpublished original data from 1992 can be found in a final report of the Peter Lake Domain: Saskatchewan Economy Final Reports, Report 261.

Survey History

1Till sampling, NTS 63E/10, 15, northeast Saskatchewan, 2003. (more)
2Till sampling, NTS 64E/15, 16, northeast Saskatchewan, 2004. (more)

Project Funding

Saskatchewan Industry and Resources

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