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Rogers, P.J.; Bingley, J.M.; Richardson, G.G.; Macdonald, M.A.


Nova Scotia regional lake sediment surveys project, 1977-1984

Project Description

In order to complement stream sediment surveys carried out in northern Nova Scotia, regional lake sediment surveys were undertaken as detailed below:


Year Region
1977 + 1978 southern mainland Nova Scotia
1983 eastern Cape Breton Island
1984 Re-analysis of ~3000 archived samples from 1977-1978 survey


Details of these surveys and related publications can be found in Nova Scotia Department of Mines and Energy Open File Report 90-017.

Survey History

1Lake sediment survey, NTS 11D, E, F, 20O, P, 21A, B, H, mainland Nova Scotia, 1977-1978. (more)
2Lake sediment and water survey, NTS 11F, G, J, K, eastern Cape Breton Island, 1983. (more)

Project Funding

Over the duration of the project (1977-1983), funding was provided by a variety of federal programs in cooperation with the Nova Scotia provincial government:

  • cooperation agreement between Canada Department of Regional Economic Expansion (DREE) and Nova Scotia Department of Mines
  • Canada-Nova Scotia Cooperative Mineral Program
  • Canada-Nova Scotia Mineral Development Agreement (MDA)


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