Analytical Package Metadata

ODM Heavy Mineral Separation, VG counts (<1 mm fraction table processed) and HMC Indicator mineral picking

Analytical Package Description

Laboratory: Overburden Drilling Management, Ottawa, Ontario (ODM)

Overburden Drilling Management indicator mineral processing (till and kimberlite samples).  Kimberlites are soaked for three days prior to sorting and sieving.  The grain separation procedure corresponds to the standard ODM flow chart.  Concentrates are picked for 18 indicator minerals including Cr-pyrope, Mg-ilmenite and chromite.

Analytical Suites:

1  ODM Heavy Mineral Concentration and grain separation-VG counts [#1]
2  ODM VG count
3  ODM Indicator Mineral Picking-Till and Kimberlite samples.

Analytical Methods:

IndexColumn NameSuite OrderMethod OrderSuite RepeatQuantityUnitsDetermination Limit
1  Wt_Processed_1    Wt  grams  
2  Wt_OvrSize_1    Wt  grams  
3  Wt_100_200_1    Wt  grams  
4  Wt_MIHvyNFM100_200_1    Wt  grams  
5  Wt_MIHvy_FM100_200_1    Wt  grams  
6  Wt_MIHvyNFM_lt100_1    Wt  grams  
7  Wt_MIHvy_FM_lt100_1    Wt  grams  
8  VG_tot_2    VG Tot  count  
9  VG_reshaped_2    VG Reshaped  count  
10  VG_modif_2    VG Modified  count  
11  VG_pristin_2    VG Pristine  count  
12  PRP_3    Prp  count  
13  ALM_3    Alm  count  
14  SPS_3    Sps  count  
15  GRS_3    Grs  count  
16  ADR_3    Adr  count  
17  DI_3    Di  count  
18  Cr_DI_3    Cr_Di  count  
19  HCDI_3    Hi_Cr_Di  count  
20  Serpentinite_3    Serpentinite  count  
21  Titanite_3  10    Ttn  count  
22  TUR_3  11    Tur  count  
23  Hematite_3  12    Hem  count  
24  RT_3  13    Rt  count  
25  FeTi_Oxide_3  14    Lcx  count  
26  ILM_3  15    Ilm  count  
27  Mg_ILM_3  16    Mg_Ilm  count  
28  CHR_3  17    Chr  count  
29  Perovskite_3  18    Prv  count  
30  Unknown_3  19    Unknown  count  
31  Other Minerals_3  20    Other Minerals  count  

Associated Analytical Sample Bundles:

IndexBundle IDBundle NameYear
1  210365     GSC-NC-1996- B30 Kimberlite Ontario; Till and Kimberlite samples: ODM HMC separation and sorting and Indicator Mineral Picking   1996
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