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CANMET Electron Microprobe Analysis (11 major and minor oxides)

Analytical Package Description

Laboratory: Canadian Centre for Material and Energy Technology (CANMET) Laboratory

Canadian Centre for Material and Energy Technology (CANMET) Electron Microprobe Analysis for 11 major and minor oxides.

Analytical Suites:

1  CANMET electron microprobe analysis

Analytical Methods:

IndexColumn NameSuite OrderMethod OrderSuite RepeatQuantityUnitsDetermination Limit
1  Al2O3_CANMET_3    Al2O3  percent  
2  CaO_CANMET_3    CaO  percent  
3  Cr2O3_CANMET_3    Cr2O3  percent  
4  FeO_CANMET_3    FeO  percent  
5  K2O_CANMET_3    K2O  percent  
6  MgO_CANMET_3    MgO  percent  
7  MnO_CANMET_3    MnO  percent  
8  Na2O_CANMET_3    Na2O  percent  
9  SiO2_CANMET_3    SiO2  percent  
10  TiO2_CANMET_3  10    TiO2  percent  
11  ZnO_CANMET_3  11    ZnO  percent  
12  Nb2O5_CANMET_3  12    Nb2O5  percent  
13  Total_CANMET_3  13    Total Oxides  percent  

Associated Analytical Sample Bundles:

IndexBundle IDBundle NameYear
1  210359     GSC-NC-2000-Northeastern Manitoba and NTS 53 and 63 Till: GSC Electron Microprobe   1996
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