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On April 1st, 2014, the NWT Devolution of Lands and Resources Agreement came into effect and transferred responsibility for the management of public land, water and resources in the Northwest Territories from the Government of Canada to the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT).

Devolution gives the GNWT the ability to grant interests as an owner of land and resources in the same way the federal government did prior to April 1, 2014. Decisions about the use of public land, water and resources are now made here in the NWT.

One consequence of devolution was the transfer of responsibility for the mining recorder’s office from AANDC to GNWT.

The mining recorder’s office is responsible for managing assessment reports on mineral claims.  To maintain a claim in good standing the claim holder must undertake annual work and within 90 days of the anniversary of the claim submit a statement of work, an assessment report, and a fee of $0.25 per hectare of the claim.

Assessment reports are not open for public inspection until the earlier of the day of the expiration or cancellation of the prospecting permit or recording of a claim and three years after the day on which the report was received by the Mining Recorder.

The NORMIN database includes records for assessment reports for the Northwest Territories.

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