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Open File 3617

Open File:  3617
Previous OF publication(s):  
Province / Territory:  New Brunswick
Funding Source:  Federal and Provincial (1985); Provincial (1997)
Year of Collection:  1997

Survey Type:  Regional Stream Survey
# Lake sites:  0
# Stream sites:  1074
Survey Area:  3880 km²
NTS Sheet(s):  021O/11, parts of 021O/10, /14, /15, /16

The regional stream survey for northwest New Brunswick (NTS 21O/11 and parts of 21O/10, 21O/14, 21O/15 and 21O/16) was conducted during the summers of 1985 and 1997.

This report presents analytical and statistical data for 14 elements plus loss-on-ignition in stream sediments from 729 sample sites, collected at an average density of one sample per 3.6 km². Uranium, fluoride, and pH values in waters from these sites are included in this report. In addition, 345 samples representing a subset from an adjoining NGR survey (Open File 1211, 1986) were reanalyzed and appear in the data listing. The original values for uranium, fluoride, and pH in waters from Open File 1211 survey are included in this report.

location map for Open File 3617
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Analytical Data

variablemethoddetection limityear of analysis
CadmiumAAS0.2 ppm1985
CobaltAAS2 ppm1985
CopperAAS2 ppm1985
FluorineISE40 ppm1985
IronAAS0.02 pct1985
LeadAAS2 ppm1985
Loss-on-ignitionGRAV1 pct1985
ManganeseAAS5 ppm1985
MercuryCV-AAS10 ppb1985
MolybdenumAAS2 ppm1985
NickelAAS2 ppm1985
SilverAAS0.2 ppm1985
TinFUS1 ppm1985
VanadiumAAS5 ppm1985
ZincAAS2 ppm1985
variablemethoddetection limityear of analysis
FluorideISE20 ppb1985
UraniumLIF0.05 ppb1985
pHGCM 1985


The Geological Surveys Branch of the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and Energy funded the 1997 survey.

Toon Pronk directed the survey, coordinating the field activities of the New Brunswick geological survey staff.

P.W. Friske directed the open file preparation.

Contractor and supervisor details for sample collection
CategoryResponsible Party
Contractor:Mactaquac Mining Ltd., Fredericton, N.B.
Supervisor:Toon Pronk (NB DNRE)
Contractor and supervisor details for sample preparation
CategoryResponsible Party
Contractor:Activation Laboratories, Ancaster, Ontario
Supervisor:P.W.B. Friske (GSC)
Contractor and supervisor details for sample preparation
CategoryResponsible Party
Contractor:CanTech Laboratories Inc., Calgary, Alberta
Supervisor:P.W.B. Friske (GSC)

Other information:

A subset of sediment samples (345 sites) from Open File 1211 was reanalyzed by wet chemical methods and the data published in Open File 3617. Subsequently, all samples were reanalyzed by INAA and data published in NBDNRE Open File Report 98-15 (revised).

Data released on 3.5" diskette only.

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