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Open File 2358

Open File:  2358
Previous OF publication(s):  0516, 0411
Province / Territory:  British Columbia
Funding Source:  Federal and Provincial (1976/77 & 1990)
Year of Collection:  1976

Survey Type:  Regional Stream Survey
# Lake sites:  0
# Stream sites:  1152
Survey Area:  15452 km²
NTS Sheet(s):  082M

Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) Open File 411 presented analytical and statistical data for 11 elements, including tungsten, in 708 stream sediment samples collected in 1976 from the Seymour Arm (82M) map sheet. In 1977, an additional 444 samples from the Seymour Arm map sheet were collected and analyzed. GSC Open File 516, published in 1978, contained data from samples collected in 1976 and 1977. However, data for tungsten from 1976 samples were not published, and data for mercury from 1977 samples were included.

In 1990, under the British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (BCMEMPR) Regional Geochemical Survey (RGS) Archive Program, the samples collected in 1976 and 1977 were analyzed by Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA). These new data for gold and 25 other elements, along with original survey results, were published in 1991 as BCMEMPR RGS 33 / GSC Open File 2358.

location map for Open File 2358
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Analytical Data

variablemethoddetection limityear of analysis
AntimonyINAA0.1 ppm1990
ArsenicINAA0.5 ppm1990
BariumINAA100 ppm1990
BromineINAA0.5 ppm1990
CeriumINAA10 ppm1990
CesiumINAA0.5 ppm1990
ChromiumINAA5 ppm1990
CobaltINAA5 ppm1990
CobaltAAS2 ppm1976
CopperAAS2 ppm1976
GoldINAA2 ppb1990
HafniumINAA1 ppm1990
IronINAA0.2 pct1990
IronAAS0.02 pct1976
LanthanumINAA5 ppm1990
LeadAAS2 ppm1976
LutetiumINAA0.2 ppm1990
ManganeseAAS5 ppm1976
MercuryCV-AAS10 ppb1977
MolybdenumINAA1 ppm1990
MolybdenumAAS2 ppm1976
NickelINAA10 ppm1990
NickelAAS2 ppm1976
RubidiumINAA5 ppm1990
SamariumINAA0.5 ppm1990
ScandiumINAA0.5 ppm1990
SilverAAS0.2 ppm1976
SodiumINAA0.1 pct1990
TantalumINAA0.5 ppm1990
TerbiumINAA0.5 ppm1990
ThoriumINAA0.5 ppm1990
TungstenINAA2 ppm1990
TungstenCOL2 ppm1976
UraniumINAA0.2 ppm1990
UraniumNADNC0.2 ppm1976
YtterbiumINAA2 ppm1990
ZincAAS2 ppm1976
ZirconiumINAA200 ppm1990
variablemethoddetection limityear of analysis
FluorineISE20 ppb1976
UraniumFLU0.05 ppb1976
pHGCM 1976


The regional stream survey of the Seymour Arm, British Columbia map sheet (NTS 082M) was undertaken by the GSC in conjunction with the BCMEMPR under the terms of the Canada - British Columbia Agreement on a Uranium Reconnaissance Program. Fisheries and Environment Canada provided funds for the determination of mercury.

E.H.W. Hornbrook directed the GSC activities. N.C. Carter directed BCMEMPR activities (1976 and 1977).

P.F. Matysek and W. Jackaman (BCMEMPR) managed the RGS Archive Program (1990). This initiative was funded in part by the Canada-British Columbia Mineral Development Agreement (1985-1990).

Contracts were let to the following companies for sample collection, preparation and analysis.

Contractor and supervisor details for sample collection
CategoryResponsible Party
Contractor:Stokes Exploration Management, Vancouver, BC (1976 and 1977)
Supervisor:S.B. Ballantyne, GSC, and T.E. Kalnins, BCMEMPR (1976 and 1977)
Contractor and supervisor details for sample preparation
CategoryResponsible Party
Contractor:Golder Associates, Ottawa, ON (1976 and 1977) Rob Phillips, Ottawa, ON (1990)
Supervisor:J.J. Lynch, GSC (1977)
Contractor and supervisor details for sample preparation
CategoryResponsible Party
Contractor:Chemex Labs Limited, Vancouver, BC (1976 and 1977) Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., Ottawa, ON (1976 and 1977) Becquerel Laboratories Inc., Mississauga, ON (1990)
Supervisor:J.J. Lynch, GSC, and W.M. Johnson, BCMEMPR (1976 and 1977)

Other information:

Tungsten data available for 209 samples (of 708) collected in 1976. Mercury data available for 444 sites visited in 1977.

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