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Quantity: Silver
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NFLD lake sediment compilation of ~17000 sites.  A 0.5 gram sample was digested in 2 ml of concentrated HNO3 overnight at room temperature prior to 2 hours of digestion in at water bath at 90oC for 2 hours.  Ag was determined by AAS but there may have been variations in detection limit and technique over the years.


Wagenbauer, H.A., Riley, C.A. and Dawe, G. (1983).  The geochemical laboratory. In Current Research. Newfoundland Department of Mines and Energy, Mineral Development Division, Report 83-1, pages 133-137.

Determination Limit:0.2  ppm
Upper Determination Limit:
Analytical Precision:
Range ( ppm )Precision ( ppm )
  -    0.1 
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