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The water was filtered within 24 hours of collection through single-use Millipore Sterivex-HV 0.45 μm filter units attached to 50-ml sterile plastic syringes. After 50 ml of water from the second set of samples was filtered into new 60 ml bottles, the remainder was used for the determination of pH and conductivity before being discarded. Using an Eppendorf pipette repeater with disposable plastic tips, 0.5 ml 8M HNO3 was added to filtered water samples. Syringes were re-used after rinsing with distilled de-ionized water, but replaced daily. At this point, control reference samples were (filter, acid and travel blanks*) were inserted. Filtered and acidified waters were kept in a cool dark place until shipment to the lab.

* Filter (sample) blanks are 60-ml bottles filled with deionized water used in the field that has been filtered and acidified at the same time as routine samples; acid blanks are samples of the deionized water used in the field and acidified (but not filtered) at the same time as routine samples; travel blanks are bottles of deionized water pre-filled at the lab in advance of collection and stored with routine samples, and acidified with routine samples.

[description taken from GSC Open File 1790]

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