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Chromatography is the collective term for a set of laboratory techniques for the separation of mixtures. It involves passing a mixture dissolved in a “mobile phase” through a “stationary phase”, which separates the analyte to be measured from other molecules in the mixture based on differential partitioning between the mobile and stationary phases.  Chromatographic techniques can be classified according to several different criteria:

  • Shape of the stationary bed :- column or planar
  • Displacement or elution
  • Physical state of the mobile phase :- gas, liquid or supercritical fluid
  • Separation mechanism :- ion exchange or size-exclusion

(Source: “chromatography”, Wikipedia, Dec 24th, 2010).

Hierarchical classification

Technique >> Chromatography


Ion exchange

Category: Analytical techniques

The different kinds of analytical techniques have been classified hierarchically. Examples: “AAS”, “FA-NA”. Taken from the “Analytical_Techniques_SHARED” database table.

Associated Analytical Suites:

IndexSuite IDSuite Name
1  233     GSC/ACL ion chromatography
2  545     Cantech (surface water) IC (F)

Associated Analytical Packages:

IndexPackage IDPackage Name
1  163     GSC ion chromatography, plus ICP-MS
2  486     GSC/ACL (NGR surface water) Ion Chromatography (Clˉ, Fˉ, NO3ˉ, SO42ˉ), ICP-MS (25)
3  495     Cantech (NGR surface water) ICP-MS(U), Ion Chromatography(F)
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