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Pyrrhotite is a mineral with the formula Fe1-xS (x = 0 to 0.17).  It has varying magnetic powers, depending on the number of Fe vacancies in the crystal structure. A related species with no vacancies (and therefore non-magnetic), is called troilite and has been found in meteorites and rarely terrestrially.

There are monoclinic and hexagonal pyrrhotite polytypes reported:

  • pyrrhotite-4M, Fe7S8, monoclinic; 

  • pyrrhotite-5H, Fe9S10, hexagonal; 

  • pyrrhotite-6M, Fe11S12, monoclinic; 

  • pyrrhotite-7H, Fe9S10, monoclinic; 

  • pyrrhotite-11H, Fe10S11, hexagonal. 


Category: Analysed quantities

Subcategory: Grain Count

Keywords corresponding to analysed quantities.  The types of analysed quantities have been grouped into eleven different subcategories. Examples: “Au”, “pH”. Taken from the “Analytical_Quantities_SHARED” database table. The subcategories are taken from the “Analytical_Quantity_Types_SHARED” database table.

Associated Analytical Suites:

IndexSuite IDSuite Name
1  439     ODM pyrrhotite grain counts
2  527     ODM MMSIM grain counts

Associated Analytical Packages:

IndexPackage IDPackage Name
1  253     ODM HMC separation and KIM + MMSIM picking
2  254     ODM EPD and KIM + MMSIM picking
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