Quartz rich (igneous rock)

Keyword Definition

Phaneritic crystalline igneous rock that contains less than 90 percent mafic minerals and contains greater than 60 percent quartz in the QAPF fraction.


Occurrence of igneous rocks meeting this criteria seems to be vanishingly rare, thus subdividing the category does not seem warranted for the purposes of This vocabulary. Future usage of the vocabulary may motivate including quatzolite and quartz-rich granitoid in future revisions

Gillespie and Styles 1999; LeMaitre et al. 2002

See Also: quartz-rich granitoid, quartzolite

Parents: Acidic igneous rock (2); Phaneritic igneous rock (189)

[Description taken from GeoSciML SimpleLithology201012.rdf]

Hierarchical classification

Sample >> Lithosphere >> Rock >> Whole >> Rock >> Igneous >> Acidic >> Quartz rich



Category: Analysed material

The different kinds of sample material collected in the field have been classified hierarchically. Examples: “till”, “soil”, “vegetation”. Taken from the “Sample_Types_SHARED” database table.

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