Keyword Definition

Metamorphic rock characterised by a foliation resulting from tectonic grain size reduction, in which more than 10 percent of the rock volume has undergone grain size reduction. Includes protomylonite, mylonite, ultramylonite, and blastomylonite.

Marshak & Mitra 1988

See Also: blastomylonite, mesomylonite, mylonite, protomylonite, ultramylonite

Parents: Fault-related material (85); Foliated metamorphic rock (110)

Children: Phyllonite (199)

[Description taken from GeoSciML SimpleLithology201012.rdf]

Hierarchical classification

Compound material >> Composite genesis >> Fault-related material >> Mylonitic



Category: Analysed material

The different kinds of sample material collected in the field have been classified hierarchically. Examples: “till”, “soil”, “vegetation”. Taken from the “Sample_Types_SHARED” database table.

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