Impact generated

Keyword Definition

Material that contains features indicative of shock metamorphism, such as microscopic planar deformation features within grains or shatter cones, interpreted to be the result of extraterrestrial bolide impact. Includes breccias and melt rocks.

Stöffler and Grieve 2007; Jackson 1997

See Also: impact breccia, impact metamorphic rock, suevite, tagamite, tektite

Parents: Composite genesis material (64)

[Description taken from GeoSciML SimpleLithology201012.rdf]

Hierarchical classification

Compound material >> Composite genesis >> Impact generated



Category: Analysed material

The different kinds of sample material collected in the field have been classified hierarchically. Examples: “till”, “soil”, “vegetation”. Taken from the “Sample_Types_SHARED” database table.

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