Analytical Decomposition Group Metadata

A “total” decomposition involves the digestion of 100% of the sample.  Commonly, this would involve hydrofluoric acid.  Some minerals are resistant to even “total” digestion, and so “total” is often not 100% effective.  Because the acid is so powerful, there is also an increased risk of volatilization of some elements, compared to digestion by other methods.  Volatilization will lead to lower concentrations.

Some fusion techniques are included in this category.

Methods that do not involve decomposition (e.g. INAA, XRF, microprobe) are also included in this category.

List of decomposition methods

1 None
2 Strong Acid
3 4-acid
4 Four-acid (Acme)
5 3 acid mixture
6 LiBO2 Li2B4O7 mixture
7 Borate and/or tetraborate
8 HF-H2SO4-HCl
9 HF + …
10 HF-NH4VO3
11 3 acid mixture
12 HF-HNO3-HCl
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