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Control Reference Description

This control reference material is used in indicator mineral picking studies.  It is a sand sample obtained from weathered Silurian-Devonian granite (grus) of the South Nepisiguit River Plutonic Suite collected in the Miramichi Highlands approximately 66 km west of Bathurst, New Brunswick.

[description taken from GSC Open File 7075.]

Number of analyses: 6

Associated Analytical Packages:

IndexPackage NameNumber of AnalysesData
1  ODM HMC separation and KIM + MMSIM picking 4   Download
2  ODM 100 grain counts 2   Download

Associated Analytical Sample Bundles:

Package IndexBundle OrderBundle NameNumber of AnalysesYear
1   1  GSC Izok Lake till/esker KIM and MMSIM counts 4   2011  
2   1  GSC 2009 Izok Lake till/esker 100 grain counts 2   2010  
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