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Control reference used for BC 1978 samples from mapsheets 103I, 103J, 103O and 103P.  These samples were processed by BC DMEPR personnel.  There are no records of where the CR material was obtained.  Note that the 3 water sample CRs used for these surveys were not inserted on a 1:1 basis with corresponding sediment CRs.  If you attempt to interpret the CR water data for this CR code, you will find there are actually 3 different sets of data, which can be grouped broadly as follows (ranges taken from 103I data; ranges for other map sheets will differ slightly):

Sequence Uranium Fluorine pH

1st CR

0.02-0.05 38-60 7.2-8.3

2nd CR

0.56-0.72 96-150 7.4-8.2

3rd CR

1.3-1.7 190-230 7.6-8.4


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