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GSC Prairies Reconnaissance till samples – heavy mineral processing

Type: lab data

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Bundle Description

GSC 1991 Prairies Reconnaissance survey till samples, HMC preparation.

Sample Classification (Analytical)

IndexSample CountSurveySample TypePrep Lab MaterialControl RefUnknown SourceDuplicates count
50  Ultra-low density till and soil sampling survey, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, 1991. (more) Till HMC separation (SRC/CF) No  No 

Analytical Package Description

Laboratory: Saskatchewan Research Council / CF Mineral Research Ltd.

Name: SRC / CF heavy mineral separation and KIM picking (more)

Saskatchewan Research Council / CF Mineral Research HMC separation and KIM picking

SRC was responsible for separating the 0.016-2mm size fraction of the bulk till sample, which was then sent to CF Mineral Research for HMC separation and indicator mineral picking.

The total >3.2 SG heavy mineral productivity of the <2 mm fraction, expressed as the weight of ferromagnetic minerals, and the coarse (0.25-2.0 mm), medium (63-250 μm), and fine (<63 μm) fractions of the non-ferromagnetic minerals is recorded.

[description taken from GSC Open File 2685]

Analytical Suites:

1  SRC / CF Mineral Research HMC separation

Analytical Methods:

IndexColumn NameSuite OrderMethod OrderSuite RepeatQuantityUnitsDetermination Limit
1  Wt_Mag    Wt  grams  
2  Wt_NM_gt250    Wt  grams  
3  Wt_NM_63_250    Wt  grams  
4  Wt_NM_lt63    Wt  grams  
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