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Type: lab data

Bundle Description

NGR stream sediment analysis, British Columbia 1981, NTS 92I, INAA (Au + Wt for samples returning values exceeding 20ppb), Activation Laboratories, Ancaster.

These analytical data are published in GSC OF 2666 (RGS 40).

Analytical Package Description

Laboratory: Activation Laboratories Limited, Ancaster, Ontario

Name: ActLabs (NGR stream sediment, BC, 1981, re-analysis) INAA (Au + Wt) (more)

Activation Laboratories Limited (National Geochemical Reconnaissance), stream sediment; INAA (Au + wt for samples returning values that exceed 20ppb)

Analytical Suites:

1  ActLabs (stream sediment) INAA (Au + Wt) (NGR, BC reanalysis, 1993)

Analytical Methods:

IndexColumn NameSuite OrderMethod OrderSuite RepeatQuantityUnitsDetermination Limit
1  Au_INA    Au  ppb 2  
2  Wt_INA    Wt  grams 0.01  
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