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Type: lab data

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NGR stream sediment analysis, Yukon 1978, NTS 105B, atomic absorption spectroscopy (8 elements + As + Mo+ V + Cd + Sn + Sb), CVAAS (Hg),  LOI at 500C, ISE (F), NADNC (U- 5X10*11), Barringer Magenta Ltd, Rexdale.

Note: Zn, Cu, Pb, Ni, Co, Ag, Mn, Mo, Fe and U data were obtained as part of a package deal. Good data already existed for these elements, and the new data were not published.

These analytical data are published (except for Zn, Cu, Pb, Ni, Co, Ag, Mn, Mo, Fe and U[5X10**11]) in GSC OF 1289.

Analytical Package Description

Laboratory: Barringer

Name: Barringer (NGR stream sediment) AAS (Cd+As+Sn+Sb+Mo+V), CVAAS (Hg), LOI, ISE(F) , U (more)

Barringer (National Geochemical Reconnaissance), stream sediment; atomic absorption spectroscopy (8+cadmium; air acetylene)+ atomic absorption spectroscopy (arsenic + tin + antimony; hydride evolution) + atomic absorption spectroscopy (molybdenum, vanadium, nitrous oxide) + atomic absorption spectroscopy (mercury, cold vapor) + LOI at 500°C + ion-selective electrode (fluorine) + neutron activation-delayed neutron counting (uranium – 5x10**11, BF3 detector, 60s, d.l. = 0.2)

Analytical Suites:

1  Barringer (stream sediment) AAS (8 elements + Cd; air acetylene)
2  Barringer (stream sediment) AAS (As; hydride evolution)
3  Barringer (lake and stream sediment) AAS (Mo, V; nitrous oxide-acetylene)
4  Barringer (lake and stream sediment) CVAAS (Hg)
5  Barringer (lake and stream sediment) LOI at 500C
6  Barringer (lake and stream sediment) ISE (F)
7  Barringer  (stream sediment) NADNC (U – 5x10**11, BF3 detectors, 60s, d.l.=0.2)
8  Barringer (lake and stream sediment) AAS (Sn; hydride)
9  Barringer (lake and stream sediment) AAS (Sb; hydride evolution) - 3ml conc

Analytical Methods:

IndexColumn NameSuite OrderMethod OrderSuite RepeatQuantityUnitsDetermination Limit
1  Zn_AAS    Zn  ppm 2  
2  Cu_AAS    Cu  ppm 2  
3  Pb_AAS    Pb  ppm 2  
4  Ni_AAS    Ni  ppm 2  
5  Co_AAS    Co  ppm 2  
6  Ag_AAS    Ag  ppm 0.2  
7  Mn_AAS    Mn  ppm 5  
8  Fe_AAS    Fe  percent 0.02  
9  Cd_AAS    Cd  ppm 0.2  
10  As_AAS    As  ppm 1  
11  Mo_AAS    Mo  ppm 2  
12  V_AAS    V  ppm 10  
13  Hg_CVAAS    Hg  ppb 10  
14  LOI_500    LOI  percent 1  
15  F_ISE    F  ppm 40  
16  U_NADNC    U  ppm 0.2  
17  Sn_AAS    Sn  ppm 1  
18  Sb_AAS    Sb  ppm 0.2  
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