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Bundle Description

NGR lake sediment analysis, Ontario 1976, NTS 31C (S ½), 31F, CO2 by evolution method, C-org by LECO combustion method, XRF (S, Rb ,Sr ,Cr ,Zr ,SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, CaO, MgO, Na2O, K2O, MnO, P2O5, TiO2, BaO), LOI at 900°C, X-Ray Assay Laboratories, Toronto.

These analytical data are published in GSC OF 899.

The laboratory was misidentified as Chemex, Vancouver in OF 899.

Sample Classification (Analytical)

IndexSample CountSurveySample TypePrep Lab MaterialControl RefUnknown SourceDuplicates count
88     Control Reference Unspecified Yes  No 
481  NGR lake sediments, part of NTS 031C, Ontario, 1976 (more) NGR lake sediment grab sample <177 micron (NGR) No  No 
651  NGR lake sediments, NTS 31F, Ontario, 1976 (more) NGR lake sediment grab sample <177 micron (NGR) No  No 

Analytical Package Description

Laboratory: X-Ray Assay Laboratories, Toronto (XRAL)

Name: XRAL (NGR lake sediments) XRF (CO2,C-org, 5 elements and 11 compounds), LOI900 (more)

X-Ray Assay Laboratories (National Geochemical Reconnaissance), lake sediments; evolution method (CO2) + LECO combustion method (C-org) + XRF (S, Rb ,Sr ,Cr ,Zr ,SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, CaO, MgO, NaO2, K2O, MnO, P2O5, TiO2, BaO) + LOI at 900Cs.

These analytical data are published in GSC OF 899

The laboratory was misidentified as Chemex in OF 899

Analytical Suites:

1  X-Ray Assay Laboratories (lake sediment) CO2
2  X-Ray Assay Laboratories (lake sediment) C-org
3  X-Ray Assay Laboratories (lake sediment) XRF-pressed disc(S)
4  X-Ray Assay Laboratories (lake sediment) XRF-fused with LiBO2
5  X-Ray Assay Laboratories (lake sediment) LOI at 900°C

Analytical Methods:

IndexColumn NameSuite OrderMethod OrderSuite RepeatQuantityUnitsDetermination Limit
1  CO2    CO2  percent 0.2  
2  C_org    Al  percent 0.2  
3  S_XRF    S  percent 0.02  
4  Rb_XRF    Rb  ppm 20  
5  Sr_XRF    Sr  ppm 20  
6  Cr_XRF    Cr  ppm 10  
7  Zr_XRF    Zr  ppm 10  
8  SiO2    SiO2  percent 1  
9  Al2O3    Al2O3  percent 0.1  
10  Fe2O3    Fe2O3  percent 0.1  
11  CaO    CaO  percent 0.1  
12  MgO    MgO  percent 0.05  
13  Na2O  10    Na2O  percent 0.1  
14  K2O  11    K2O  percent 0.1  
15  MnO  12    MnO  percent 0.02  
16  P2O5  13    P2O5  percent 0.02  
17  TiO2  14    TiO2  percent 0.02  
18  BaO  15    BaO  percent 0.02  
19  LOI_900    LOI  percent 0.2  
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