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GSC –NC-2003-Committee Bay 56J, K, O Esker: IOS Geoscientifics, Quebec/ Laval University Scanning Electron Microprobe

Type: lab data

Bundle Description

Minerals that were not able to be identified visually by IOS Services Geosccientifiques   were sent to Laval University where they were probed by the JEOL 840A Scanning Electron Microprobe in order to identify the unknown minerals.

Scanning Electron Microprobe data is available in the IOS Esker02  report of GSC Open File 4602

Analytical Package Description

Laboratory: IOS Services Geoscientifics, Chicoutimi Quebec

Name: IOS Services Geoscientifiques/Laval University Scanning Electron Microprobe Analysis (more)

IOS Services Geoscientifiques/Laval University Scanning Electron Microprobe Analysis using a JEOL 840A Scanning Electron Microprobe.

Analytical Suites:

1  IOS Services Geoscientifiques/Laval University scanning electron microprobe analysis

Analytical Methods:

IndexColumn NameSuite OrderMethod OrderSuite RepeatQuantityUnitsDetermination Limit
1  SiO2_Laval    SiO2  percent  
2  TiO2_Laval    TiO2  percent  
3  Al2O3_Laval    Al2O3  percent  
4  Cr2O3_Laval    Cr2O3  percent  
5  Nb2O5_Laval    Nb2O5  percent  
6  Fe2O3_Laval    Fe2O3  percent  
7  MgO_Laval    MgO  percent  
8  CaO_Laval    CaO  percent  
9  MnO-Laval    MnO  percent  
10  FeO_Laval  10    FeO  percent  
11  Na2O_Laval  11    Na2O  percent  
12  K2O_Laval  12    K2O  percent  
13  ZnO_Laval  13    ZnO  percent  
14  Total_Laval  14    Total Oxides  percent  
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