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GSC-NC-2005-Wager Bay 56G Till: ODM HMC grain separation and IM picking

Type: lab data

Bundle Description

57 till samples collected in 2004 from Wager Bay area (NTS 56G) were picked for gold grains by Overburden Drilling Management, Ottawa, Ontario and processed for heavy mineral concentrates (HMC). Heavy mineral concentrates were picked for kimberlite indicator minerals (KIM) and metamorphosed massive sulphide indicator minerals (MMSIM). Weight data for ODM sorting is provided in Appendix X of OF 5014.

The data are published in GSC Open File 5087. Gold grain data are published in GSC Open File 5014.

Analytical Package Description

Laboratory: Overburden Drilling Management, Ottawa, Ontario (ODM)

Name: ODM IM processing (standard KIM and MMSIM procedure) (more)

ODM indicator mineral processing.  The procedure corresponds to the standard ODM flow chart.  The 100 grain count is absent.

Analytical Suites:

1  ODM HMC grain separation
2  ODM VG count
3  ODM MMSIM count ( HMC 0.25-0.5 mm fraction )
4  ODM KIM count ( HMC 0.25-0.5 mm fraction )
5  ODM MMSIM count ( HMC 0.5-1.0 mm fraction )
6  ODM KIM count ( HMC 0.5-1.0 mm fraction )
7  ODM MMSIM count ( HMC 1.0-2.0 mm fraction )
8  ODM KIM count ( HMC 1.0-2.0 mm fraction )

Analytical Methods:

IndexColumn NameSuite OrderMethod OrderSuite RepeatQuantityUnitsDetermination Limit
1  Wt_BulkRec    Wt  grams  
2  Wt_TblSplt    Wt  grams  
3  Wt_OvrSize    Wt  grams  
4  Wt_TblFeed    Wt  grams  
5  Wt_TblConc    Wt  grams  
6  Wt_Lght_HL    Wt  grams  
7  Wt_Ferr    Wt  grams  
8  Wt_NonFerr    Wt  grams  
9  Wt_NonFerrSplit    Wt  grams  
10  Wt_Fn_Wash  10    Wt  grams  
11  Wt_Fn_Post  11    Wt  grams  
12  Wt_25_50  12    Wt  grams  
13  Wt_50_100  13    Wt  grams  
14  Wt_100_200  14    Wt  grams  
15  VG_tot    VG Tot  count  
16  VG_reshaped    VG Reshaped  count  
17  VG_modif    VG Modified  count  
18  VG_pristin    VG Pristine  count  
19  MMSIM_DI_1    MMSIM DI  count  
20  MMSIM_CPY_1    MMSIM CPY  count  
21  MMSIM_GH_1    MMSIM GH  count  
22  KIM_GP_1    KIM GP  count  
23  KIM_GO_1    KIM GO  count  
24  KIM_DC_1    KIM DC  count  
25  KIM_IM_1    KIM IM  count  
26  KIM_CR_1    KIM CR  count  
27  KIM_FO_1    KIM FO  count  
28  MMSIM_DI_2    MMSIM DI  count  
29  MMSIM_CPY_2    MMSIM CPY  count  
30  MMSIM_GH_2    MMSIM GH  count  
31  KIM_GP_2    KIM GP  count  
32  KIM_GO_2    KIM GO  count  
33  KIM_DC_2    KIM DC  count  
34  KIM_IM_2    KIM IM  count  
35  KIM_CR_2    KIM CR  count  
36  KIM_FO_2    KIM FO  count  
37  MMSIM_DI_3    MMSIM DI  count  
38  MMSIM_CPY_3    MMSIM CPY  count  
39  MMSIM_GH_3    MMSIM GH  count  
40  KIM_GP_3    KIM GP  count  
41  KIM_GO_3    KIM GO  count  
42  KIM_DC_3    KIM DC  count  
43  KIM_IM_3    KIM IM  count  
44  KIM_CR_3    KIM CR  count  
45  KIM_FO_3    KIM FO  count  
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