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GSC/TSD-1997-Contwoyto Lake 76E South Till Diamond Indicator Processing HMC and grain separation

Type: lab data

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The 0.25-0.5 mm fraction of 27 till samples from Contwoyto Lake (NTS 76E South), were processed by Diamond Indicator Processing Thunder Bay, Ontario. Samples were separated for magnetite and mica. Samples were collected in 1994 and processed in 1995.

These data are published in GSC Open File 3386.

Analytical Package Description

Laboratory: Diamond Indicator Processing, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Name: Diamond Indicator Processing, Thunder Bay Ontario (1 size fraction) (more)

Diamond Indicator Processing using a magnetic separator for magnetite removal and heavy mineral separation for mica removal using dilute methylene iodide (specific gravity 3.2)(0.25-0.5mm fraction).

Analytical Suites:

1  Diamond Indicator Processing grain screening and Heavy Mineral Concentrates (0.25-0.5 mm)

Analytical Methods:

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