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NGR-0002-2002-AB: NTGO KIDD adjusted grain counts

Type: Interpreted data

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Bundle Description

NGR Buffalo Head Hills 2001 and 2002 HMC samples

Mapping to the NTGO KIDD database is done based on the ODM visual identification, not the electron microprobe identification.  2668 candidate KIM grains were picked by ODM, and were mapped to the NTGO database as follows:

1   Diamond 0 (0)
2 GP Pyrope (peridotitic) 1434 (1259)
3 GO Pyrope (eclogitic) 37 (37)
4   Total garnet 1471 (1296)
5 DC Chrome diopside 30 (30)
6 CR Chromite 2409 (942)
7 IL Ilmenite, picroilmenite 98 (85)
8   Orthopyroxene Not picked
9 FO Olivine 378 (315)
10   Total Grains 4386 (2668)

In the “Count” column, the first number includes estimated values; the value in brackets is the actual number of grains counted.

Sample Classification (Analytical)

IndexSample CountSurveySample TypePrep Lab MaterialControl RefUnknown SourceDuplicates count
29  NGR stream sediment and water survey, NTS 84B, 84C, 84F, 84G, Buffalo Head Hills area, northern Alberta, 2001. (more) Heavy Mineral Concentrate HMC separation (KIDD grouping) No  No 
125  NGR stream sediment and water survey, NTS 84B, 84C, 84F, 84G, Buffalo Head Hills area, northern Alberta, 2002. (more) Heavy Mineral Concentrate HMC separation (KIDD grouping) No  No 

Analytical Package Description

Laboratory: No laboratory was required

Name: NTGO KIDD remapping (more)

The Northwest Territories Geoscience Office (NTGO) maintains the Kimberlite Indicator and Diamond Database (KIDD).  The KIDD database lists counts for ten quantities:

  • Diamond
  • Pyrope_P
  • Pyrope_E
  • Total_Garnet
  • ChrmDiop
  • Chrom/spin
  • Ilmn_Picro
  • OPX
  • Olivine
  • Total_Grains

This package permits a re-mapping from KIM counts in original reports to KIM counts that are compatible with KIDD.  The grain counts are for the 0.25 – 0.50 mm size fraction.  The weight of the sample that was processed is reported (typically about 10 kg).  The weight of the heavy mineral concentrate that was recovered from the 0.25 – 0.50 mm size fraction is also reported (typically a few tens of grams).

Analytical Suites:

1  NTGO KIDD indicator mineral re-assignment

Analytical Methods:

IndexColumn NameSuite OrderMethod OrderSuite RepeatQuantityUnitsDetermination Limit
1  Wt_TblFeed    Wt  grams  
2  Wt_HMC_025_050    Wt  grams  
3  Diamond    Diamond (KIDD)  count  
4  Pyrope_P    Pyrope_P (KIDD)  count  
5  Pyrope_E    Pyrope_E (KIDD)  count  
6  Total_Garnet    Total Garnet (KIDD)  count  
7  ChrmDiop    ChrmDiop (KIDD)  count  
8  Chrom_Spin    Chrom_Spin (KIDD)  count  
9  Ilmn_Picro    Ilmn_Picro (KIDD)  count  
10  OPX  10    OPX (KIDD)  count  
11  Ol  11    Ol (KIDD)  count  
12  Total_Grains  12    Total_Grains (KIDD)  count  
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